Spa medicine or balneology has a long tradition throughout Europe including Israel and Japan and has been used predominantly for chronic diseases. Yet despite its popularity among patients in Europe, balneology worldthis therapy is still largely unknown in the United States and Canada. Medical spas in Europe utilize bona fide spa therapy which embraces the principles of balneology. Patients and physicians in the USA are not aware of the history and medical application of spas because the research that was actively pursued in the United States under the direction of Dr. Walter McClellan at Saratoga Spa abruptly ended in the early 1950s.
dermatology - The branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases.
dermatology in Poland
hydrotherapy - External use of water in the medical treatment of certain diseases.
hydrotherapy in Polish spas
balneophototherapy - combines bath water delivery of water soluble balneophototherapy in USA photosensitizers or antiinflammatory agents for example 8-methoxypsoralen (8-MOP) or different salt solutions with a subsequent UVB- or UVA-irradiation.

This website attempts to provide information about balneotherapy and the research that is being conducted in this field of medicine. Although the contents are geared mainly toward health care professionals, hopefully it will appeal to everyone who is interested in health. This website does not endorse balneotherapy for patients because such a decision should be made strictly between patients and their personal physicians. This website does not offer medical advice and although it includes interesting links, it will not be held liable for the contents and opinions expressed by other website links unless specifically expressed in writing.

To learn more about medical hydrology, please check the archives of articles (Download in PDF) under the menu "Spa procedures." Please review the menu under "Collaboration" of all research centers interested in conducting clinical trials with United States and increase American's knowledge about balneology.

Extensive researches have been conducted in spa medicine and the medical literatures on the medicinal use of balneotherapy are now available on the medical hydrology database- free and open-access for the scientific community. Welcome to the Spa Medicine Database.

Since massage is a common procedure prescribed at the spas, clinical trials on massage therapy are now available in the database. Welcome to the Massage Database. and Massage Directory.

As evidence-based spa medicine becomes important, clinical trials conducted in medical hydrology will soon be available to the scientific community through the Trial Registry- free trial registry. Welcome to the Spa Medicine Trial Registry.

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