The first Polish sanatorium for sick children was opened in 1926. It was Dr Szymon Starkiewicz who had the idea of building this hospital in Busko Zdroj when he was a young physician. At that time, he was caring for many disabled children suffering from bone and joint tuberculosis. He worked in the area of Silesia, which consisted of heavy industries including many coal mines and steelworks, and was one of the most heavily polluted areas of Poland.

Dr Szymon Starkiewicz wanted to create better conditions to expedite the recovery of young patients. He had long dreamt of a hospital to treat these children and he chose to build it on a sunny hill (Górka) near the spa town of Busko Zdroj.

The director of the hospital is now Dr Janusz Dobrowolski. The hospital is located on a picturesque hill surrounded by parkland. The area near the hospital has been well prepared for the needs of children and teenagers. There is a sport field, playground, small lake and many beautiful footpaths within the hospital park. There are no architectural obstacles for disabled children in the hospital and its neighbourhood. All facilities needed for the many treatments are within the hospital building. The hospital basement contains a modern balneological department, with areas providing sulphide water baths, underwater jet massage and a swimming pool.

The medical services for patients with cerebral palsy are very complex. For the process of rehabilitation, we use one of the individually selected world wide recognized methods proved successful in the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy (NDT, Bobath). Busko Zdroj (Spa) is well known in Poland and the rest of the world as a famous health resort, using in the treatment process natural resources such as sulphide water. In our hospital as well as kinesitherapy, we use sulphur baths, cryotherapy and exercises in a hydrotherapy pool for all our patients with cerebral palsy as well as for patients following orthopedic surgery. Very good results are observed, especially in our spastic patients, after this type of therapy (reduction of muscle spasticity).

The patients are under the permanent supervision of the staff of specialist doctors, specialists in orthopedic surgery, medical rehabilitation, anesthesiology and pediatrics. Other members of staff include nurses, physiotherapists, a psychologist, speech therapists and occupational therapists.

Due to existing joint contractures and other deformities which make rehabilitation difficult or inefficient, we are able to perform all necessary pediatric orthopedic procedures. We have achieved an especially wide and valuable experience in the surgical treatment of patients with cerebral palsy and those with pathological and developmental hip dislocation. We are able to perform the full range of orthopedic procedures such as removing joint contractures, lengthening and transposition of muscles, lengthening of shortened legs and correction of deviated axis of the lower limbs (varus or valgus). We treat scoliosis patients (exercises, braces or surgical treatment). We operate on patients with chest deformities, hip luxations and congenital deformities of the feet. In the treatment of children with cerebral palsy, we also use botulinum toxin (Botox or Dysport).

The parents of the children being treated in our hospital can accompany their children in all the activities taking place during the day. The hospital is unable to assure the parents of overnight accommodation within the hospital but it is usually possible for parents to rent a room or rooms in the many small pensions and hotels near the hospital.

The school plays a very important part in the structure of the hospital. Thanks to a very well prepared learning program, children in this school are able to learn as well as pupils from normal primary and secondary schools. Children with moderate or severe mental retardation are also able to receive education suitable to their needs. The youngest children can take part in the activities of the hospital kindergarten. .

Thanks to our highly specialized staff, who have gained considerable experience in the field of orthopedic pediatrics, and the continuation of our contacts in Poland and abroad we have achieved very high standard which we are able to offer to our patients.

The treatment for all insured patients is free. To obtain admission to the hospital, prospective patients should have a valid note to our hospital from their family doctor. The date of admission should be confirmed by the hospital secretary. Other possible services available in the hospital are consultations for children in problematic cases and paid treatment for patients without the valid admission note.

For anyone living abroad, who would like to receive more information about the hospital or make contact with us in the future, it is important to know that members of the hospital staff speak English, German and Russian. Please do not hesitate to contact us. All our members of staff are ready to help you!

The Foundation of the “Gorka” Hospital.

The head office of the foundation is in Busko Zdroj, in the hospital building. The main intention of the foundation is to give support both materially and financially to the Hospital of Rehabilitation and Pediatric Orthopedics “Gorka” in Busko Zdroj.

The goals of the foundation are as follows:
• Spreading the idea of complex rehabilitation and financial support for the Gorka Hospital
• Financial support for those patients of Gorka living in poverty
• Paying for other accessories in addition to standard procedures for poor patients in the treatment of their condition (drugs, braces for scoliosis treatment)
• Financial support for professional training for staff of “Gorka” Hospital
• Financial support for research and scientific publications prepared by the staff of our Hospital.
• Helping to train parents of disabled children and other volunteers and for supporting the organization of medical conferences at the hospital

The main contact person in the Foundation:
Halina Wielogorska.
Szpital Dzieciecy "Gorka"
ul. Starkiewicza 1,
28-100 Busko Zdroj, Poland
Phone: 0048 41 378-4018
Fax: 0048 41 378-1447
The Foundation’s account number is
30106000760000320000146538 in Bank BPH S.A.