Europe, Japan and Israel have continued their researches in spa therapy but no clinical trials have been conducted in the United States regarding this modality of treatment despites its growing popularity in America. This is an ongoing list of physicians who have expressed interest in collaborating with other academic institutions, medical schools or organizations and other research centers in conducting clinical studies in spa medicine both within their respective countries or internationally.

Dr. Astrid van Tubergen

Dr. Arianne P Verhagen
Dept. General Practice, room Ff 318
Erasmus MC
PO Box 1738, 3000 DR Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 10 408 8109
Fax: +31 10 408 9491

Dr. Gerhard Strauss-Blasche
Medical School of Vienna
Institute of Physiology
Department of Environmental Physiology
A-1090 Wien, Schwarzspanierstrasse 17
Tel. ++43-1-4277-62112
Fax. ++43-1-4277-62199

Assoc. Prof. Fumihiro Mitsunobu
Misasa Medical Center,
Okayama University Medical School
827 Yamada, Misasa
Tottori 682-0192, Japan
Tel. +81- (0) 858-43-1211
Fax. +81- (0) 858-43-1305

Prof. Naoki Makino
(collaboration in balneotropic science- hot spring science)
Division of Molecular and Clinical Gerontology
Dept of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Medical Institute of Bioregulation

Kyushu University, Beppu 874-0838, JAPAN

Prof. Simona Bellometti
Centro Studi P.d' Abano, via P.d'Abano 11
35031 Abano Terme (PD), Italy
Tel. 049-866-9877
Fax. 049-866-8845

Prof. Marcello Grassi


Ass. Prof. Malgorzata Cwiklinska - Jurkowska
Medical University of Bydgoszcz
Jagiellonska 13-15, 85-067 Bydgoszcz